Learn How to Be a Massage Therapist

Self Teaching

There are many ways to learn how to become a massage therapist. The simplest way is by teaching yourself the art of massage by doing some research. This may be done by checking out massage books from your local library or by using the internet. Be sure to practice on your friends as application is much more important than knowing of the concepts of massage.


Massage has many forms that you may specialize in. You may become an expert in sports, clinical, Swedish, or Thai massage. The arts of reflexology, reiki, and acupressure could also be explored. Make sure to pick one to specialize in to secure repeat clients who may prefer your chosen art.

Getting Certified and Licensed

When you learn massage therapy from massage courses, it’s important to be able to get licensed and certified. When you receive such designations, you’ll be able to drive more client traffic your way. Before you get licensed or certified, you’ll need to have completed a suitable training program and passed an exam depending on the state and jurisdiction you’re in. Many doors will open for you once you’ve become a licensed or certified massage therapist.

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